Peace TV BanglaPeace TV Bangla is not just another Islamic TV channel. Nor will it promote any particular Islamic sect or dogma. Peace TV Bangla will, InshaAllah, provide its viewers with state-of-the-art TV programmes. These would be based on authentic teachings of the Qur’an and Hadith.Peace TV Bangla will, InshaAllah, be backed by the best available media technology, creativity, research and operational management.

Peace TV is the most watched Islamic TV Channels having Millions of viewers around the World. Until now there are two Islamic TV Channels in Peace Network Peace TV English Peace TV Urdu and Peace TV Bangla. Peace TV English is for the views which know English. It is mostly watched in Western Countries and US. Peace TV Urdu is for the viewers which know Urdu and Hindi. Peace TV Bangla is for the viewers which know Bangla. It is mostly watched in Bangladesh.